Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. My name is Atarah Israel, and I am a senior at Munster High School in Munster, Indiana, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Crier, its student newspaper. I have been a staff member since my freshman year, and have since learned a great deal about not only the importance of storytelling, but also the significance of connecting with others.

I am also editor of my church newspaper, 24/7 Watch, which has been running since March 2021. Accolades for my high school work include the Carol Guzy Award from the Washington Journalism Media Conference and Outstanding Editor two times in a row from my high school publication.

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Receiving the Carol Guzy Award at the Washington Journalism Media Contest
Taking a selfie with journalist Lauren Ober

Staff Testimony

“Being a leader, is not ordering people around, but to be a role model. By being a role model, you show your staff what kind of attitude, work ethic, and passion you should have. Atarah is a great example of this. Her diligence is unwavering: she puts her whole effort into each issue, she is proactive, and she never fails to put out great work each time. Atarah is also patient and kind, even during times of frustration or setbacks. Working with Atarah for nearly three years, I have seen her dedication to not only leading Crier, but in setting a good example.”

Alison lee, deadline manager

“Atarah is easily one of the best people I have the pleasure of working with. For one, despite the millions of questions I have, she always answers every one without complaint, and never lets me or any other staffer feel like a burden. She always offers help to every staff member, and does her best to make sure we have everything in on time and that our work is at the best quality possible. Not only is she incredibly responsible, but she is kind to every person on staff in an equal manner. When building our pages, Crier has a very positive and inclusive atmosphere, and I attribute a bulk of this to Atarah.”

Reena alsakaji, copy editor